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USDA Announces Recall of Healthy Choice Meals due to Small Rocks

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Conagra Brands, Inc.  and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have announced a recall of certain Healthy Choice frozen meals.  The recall announcement states that the frozen meals may contain “extraneous material.” More specifically, the meals may contain small rocks.  Foreign objects in food, especially hard items like rocks, are a serious food safety risk.  Read on to learn more about the recall and how to keep your family safe.

Healthy Choice Frozen Meal Recall

According to the USDA announcement, two not-ready-to-eat Healthy Choice frozen meals are subject to the recall.  Consumers can identify the recalled products by the following:

9.5 oz Healthy Choice POWER BOWLS Chicken Feta & Farro

  • UPC – 072655001800
  • Lot Code – 5006002320
  • Best by Date – 10/19/2020

9.5 oz Healthy Choice POWER Bowls Chicken Feta & Farro, BOILS ÈNERGIE Poulet feta et épeautre

  • UPC – 072655003026
  • Lot Code – 5006002320
  • Best by Date – 10-19-2010

The meals included in the recall have an establishment number printed on the package, which is “P115.” The recalls includes more than 130,000 units.  The USDA notes that the items were shipped to retailers across the United States, and were exported to Canada.

Healthy Choice Recall Information for Consumers

The rocks were found in the Healthy Choice meals after Conagra received numerous consumer complaints.  They say that there are no confirmed reports of adverse events due to the rocks at this time.

Consumers who regularly eat these Healthy Choice products should not consume them if they are part of a recall.  The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) recommends consumers do the following:

  • If you have one of the Health Choice products in this recall, do not consume it. Return it to the place of purchase for a refund or throw it away.
  • Contact your healthcare provider if you suffer an injury or illness related to a recalled food.
  • If you experience an adverse event from a recalled food product, report it to the USDA Electronic Consumer Complaint Monitoring System.
  • If you have questions about the products in this recall, contact Conagra Brands Consumer Care at 1-800-672-8240.

Rocks in Food Pose Danger to Consumers

Every year, thousands of people suffer injuries due to foreign objects in food products.  These objects include metal, rocks, glass, plastic and even insects.  An enjoyable meal that should be healthy and delicious quickly becomes a nightmare when you unexpectedly encounter a foreign object.

Foreign objects in food, including rocks, can cause serious injuries to consumers.  Examples include:

  • Biting down on something hard enough to break a tooth.
  • Encountering an object sharp enough to cut your gums.
  • Attempting to swallow and finding a choking hazard lodged in your throat.
  • Swallowing a foreign object that becomes lodged in your stomach or intestines.
  • Consuming an object that is contaminated, which may expose you to germs.
  • Consuming an object that is toxic and not made for human consumption.

These are just some examples of the type of injury you could suffer if your food contains foreign objects.  There are numerous possible injuries, illnesses and complications that could impact your health and your life.

What to Do if You Are Injured by a Recalled Food Product

If you suffer an injury due to a food product that is subject to a recall, you may be able to pursue legal action against the manufacturer.  Product manufacturers have a duty to ensure that the products they put on store shelves are safe for consumers.  When their product causes a consumer injury, they can – and should – be held liable.

At Bad Food Recall, we help consumers understand and protect their legal rights.  If you or someone you love is suffering from an injury due to a contaminated, defective or dangerous food product, contact us.  Let us help you determine if you have an actionable claim.  If you do, you may be able to receive compensation for your injuries, including related medical expenses.

To request a free consultation with a legal professional, call us at 1-877-534-5750, or complete our online contact form.



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