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Ground Beef Recall in Nine States due to Plastic Contamination

A Chicago-based company issued a ground beef recall in January 2020 due to possible contamination with plastic particles.  The company, Amity Packing Company, Inc., is recalling more than 2,000 pounds of raw ground beef products.  The products were distributed to nine states in the Midwest and Northeastern United States.  The beef recall is listed as a Class II, meaning that there is a possibility of adverse health consequences.

Ground Beef Recall Information

This ground beef recall follows a handful of consumer complaints about finding plastic pieces in ground beef.  While there are no reports of injury, Amity Packing Company and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) are taking the possible danger seriously.  According to the FSIS recall announcement, the ground beef may contain,

“Extraneous materials, specifically clear, thin pliable plastic.”

ground beef recall
Source: FSIS

The ground beef is packaged under the name “Pre Brands LLC.” The FSIS says that consumers can identify products in the ground beef recall by the following:

  • “Pre 95% Lean/5% Fat Ground Beef” 1lb package
  • Lot code: 0060
  • Case code: 11402
  • Use/Freeze by date: 1/31/2020

The concern of the FSIS is that consumers may have the products in their refrigerator or freezer.  Consuming products that contain plastic particles can cause injury.  Therefore, the FSIS urges consumers not to use the products subject to the recall.  Consumers can return the products for a refund, or simply throw them away.

The FSIS is warning consumers in the following states to check their ground beef packages to see if they are included in this ground beef recall:

  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Wisconsin

Consumers with questions or concerns about Pre Brand ground beef products can contact Pre Brands LLC at 1-844-773-3663.  Consumers can also contact the USDA for questions, concerns or to report an adverse event.

Dangers of Plastic Contaminants in Food

The plastic particles found in Pre Brands ground beef represent the risks of foreign objects in food.  The USDA and FSIS regulate and inspect food to ensure that it is safe for consumption.  That includes inspecting food for the presence of contaminants that may cause foodborne illness or injury.

Unfortunately, sometimes contaminants or foreign objects are not detected prior to packaging and distribution.  As a result, plastic contaminants in food pose a variety of health risks, including damage to the:

  • Digestive Tract: Consuming a foreign object, such as a piece of plastic, can cause perforation or laceration of the esophagus, pharynx, stomach or intestines. Formation of fistulas in the digestive tract is also possible.
  • Respiratory System: The primary risk of foreign objects in food for the respiratory system is choking. Objects may become stuck in the airway or upper esophagus.  This is particularly a risk for children and the elderly.  Consumers may also inhale small objects into the bronchial tree, which can lead to infection, damage of lung tissue or lung collapse.
  • Mouth and Gums: While eating, foreign objects may come into contact with the sensitive tissues in the mouth. This can cause lacerations to the mouth and gums, which can be painful or become infected.
  • Teeth: Biting down on a foreign object may cause chipped or broken teeth, broken fillings or damage to prosthetics.

If you suffer any of these injuries you are likely experiencing many emotions – anger, frustration and confusion about what to do.  Of course, your first action should be seeking medical care.  Tell your doctor what happened.  If possible, keep the foreign object to show your doctor.

Contact a Food Safety Attorney

If your injuries are significant and you require medical care, hospitalization or surgery, your next step is contacting a food safety attorney to discuss your situation.  If the manufacturer or distributor was negligent in allowing foreign objects to enter the food supply, you may have a legal claim.  You may also be able to recover the costs of your medical care due to the foreign object.

Find out more about your legal rights as a consumer by contacting the food safety attorneys at Bad Food Recall.  With a free consultation, our legal professionals can certainly help you determine if you have an actionable claim.  We are here to offer legal guidance and support that consumers can rely on.  To schedule your free consultation, call us at 1-877-534-5750.  You can also email us via our online contact form.



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