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Spicy Guacamole Day Celebrated on November 14th

National Spicy Guacamole Day on November 14th

Fondly thought of, Guacamole is on of the most popular American dips. November 14th is the national holiday to celebrate this simple side dish.

National Spicy Guacamole Day is a well-deserved holiday celebrating a classic side dish: guacamole. Keep in mind that this celebration is not just for any guacamole, but specifically for the spicy kind.

The avocado inspired the creation of Guacamole. Slice a peeled avocado into chunks, mash it up in a bowl, and there you have a delicious party dip. Usual recipes may include adding some tomatoes, cilantro and other mild ingredients.

A spicy guacamole recipe, however, is all about giving the traditional recipe a little kick by adding savory spices. Hatch Chiles, for instance, are a good way to add a southern flare to the typical list of ingredients. For those looking to add even more heat to their dip, there is always curry powder or extra hot Cajun seasoning. Both known for being high heat ingredients. Other popular spices include fajita seasoning, cayenne pepper, hot pepper sauce and more.

This side dish is not just a simple chip dip. Being versatile, this lovely appetizer is also utilized as a dressing for salads, on toast, with deviled eggs and in many more satisfying combinations. For this reason, and many more, guacamole remains at the top of the culinary must-haves for any occasion.

This holiday is definitely a celebration. However, certain ingredients could be harmful. Avocados have been known to be recalled in the past due to salmonella contamination. Nothing will ruin a good bowl of guacamole like salmonella poisoning.

The History of Guacamole

The Aztecs, who originally inhabited central Mexico, are the creators of the beloved party dip. The Aztecs created what they called an “avocado mixture”. They were the first to use the Mexico native fruit in this way, hence why the Aztecs get all of the glory for this creation. Guacamole came to America in 1871; after avocado tress where successfully cultivated in America.

Now, guacamole is a household favorite at family gatherings, potluck dinners, sporting events and much more.


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